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“Free Music” ... Discorded Chaos?
Cleveland Call & Post, 9 February, 1963 - USA


One ‘Hometown Boy’ That’s Making Good
Cleveland Call & Post, 1 February, 1964 - USA


Albert Ayler vier dagen hier
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A recording session with Albert Ayler and Don Cherry
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Untitled by Albert Ayler
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To Mr. Jones - I Had A Vision by Albert Ayler
The Cricket, No. 4, 1969, pp. 27-30 - USA

(A complete copy of this issue of The Cricket is also available. Scans courtesy of Richard Koloda.)


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- Netherlands


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. . Truth Is Marching In by Bill Smith and Brian Case
The Wire, No. 3, March 1983 - UK

Untitled response to ‘.. Truth Is Marching In’ by Mike Hames
The Wire, No. 6, March 1984, pp. 27-28 - UK


My Name is Albert Ayler by Richard Cook
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Offsite Articles


Breakfast in Montreal: Albert Ayler in Canada by Stuart Broomer
Coda, No. 272, March/ April 1997 - Canada
Recalls a meeting with Albert Ayler in 1967.
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Jazzed In Cleveland - Part 11 by Joe Mosbrook
WMV - Web News Cleveland, August 27th 1996 - USA
Providing a local slant on the story of Albert Ayler.


Jazzed In Cleveland - Part 39 (Albert Ayler Redux) by Joe Mosbrook
WMV - Web News Cleveland, July 31st 1998 - USA


Blowing in the wind by Richard Williams
The Guardian, November 24th 2000 - UK


The Healing Force of the Universe:Albert Ayler’s Life and Legacy by John Kruth
Signal to Noise, Winter 2005 - USA


New York Is Killing Me: Albert Ayler’s Life and Death in the Jazz Capital by Mark Richardson
The Pitchfork Review, No. 9, 2016 - USA


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