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Audio interviews:


Albert Ayler

Albert Ayler interview with Daniel Caux for France Culture. Recorded July 27, 1970 in Saint Paul de Vence, France and released in the Holy Ghost box set.


Albert Ayler interview with Kiyoshi Koyama for Swing Journal. Recorded July 25, 1970 in Saint Paul de Vence, France and released in the Holy Ghost box set.


Henry Grimes

Alyn Shipton’s interview with Henry Grimes, recorded at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival on May 2nd 2009 and broadcast on BBC Radio 3’s Jazz Library programme on May 23rd 2009.

Henry Grimes Interview (33 mins. 30 mb.)



Bill Folwell

An interview with Ayler’s bass player (from the 1966 European tour to the late Impulse period) conducted by Ben Young and broadcast on ‘Jazz Profiles’, 29th July 2007, on WKCR-FM.

Jazz Profiles: Bill Folwell Part One
(Bill Folwell - Trumpet player. His early years, influences, education, featuring rare recordings with Jimmy Heath and Carla Bley. 76 mins. 34.8 mb.)

Jazz Profiles: Bill Folwell Part Two
(Bill Folwell - Bass player. Army years, the UNI trio with Perry Robinson and Tom Price, and the start of his association with Albert Ayler. 63 mins. 29 mb.)

Jazz Profiles: Bill Folwell Part Three
(The 1966 European Tour, the Village Concerts, Newport, Ars Nova, The Insect Trust, Don Ayler, the late Impulse period and Albert the singer. 47 mins. 21.6 mb.)

Jazz Profiles: Bill Folwell Part Four
(More of the late Impulse period, Henry Vestine, bagpipes, Trevor Koehler, Harpo Marx, Spike Jones Jr., Billy Superball and The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo. 59 mins. 27.2 mb.)

Or the complete 5 hour, 281 mb file.



Beaver Harris

An interview with Ayler’s drummer (from the 1966 European tour and the Greenwich Village concerts) conducted by Elliott Bratton and broadcast 13th July, 1987, on WKCR-FM.

Beaver Harris Interview (47 mins. 21.8 mb.)





Ayler: Mystic Tenor With A Direct Hot Line To Heaven? - Val Wilmer’s interview with Albert Ayler from Melody Maker, 15 October, 1966.


The Truth Is Marching In - Nat Hentoff’s interview with Albert and Don Ayler from Down Beat, 17/11/1966. A pdf of the original article is available here: pages16-18 and page 40.


Michel Samson: I don’t really try to play jazz - Bert Vuijsje’s interview with Michel Samson from Jazzwereld - No. 11, March 1967. A pdf of the original article is available here. English translation by Kees Hazevoet.


The Road To Freedom - Daniel Caux’s interview with Albert Ayler. Originally published, as ‘My Name is... Albert Ayler’, in Chroniques de l’art vivant No. 17, February 1971 - English translation from The Wire No. 227, January 2003, pp. 38-41.


Going Outside by Sunny Murray as told to Robert Levin, from The East Village Other Vol. 5, No. 43, 22 September 1970, pp.15, 22.


Sunny Murray: Interview - Spencer Weston’s interview with Sunny Murray (transcribed by Bob Rusch) from Cadence, June 1979.


Bernard Stollman - The Man from 5D - John Kruth’s interview with Bernard Stollman, an amended version of which appeared in Signal To Noise, Summer 2004.


Avonturen in de New Thing (Adventures in the New Thing) - Rudie Kagie’s interview with Michel Samson from Jazz Bulletin - No. 83, June 2012. A pdf of the original article is available here. English translation by Kees Hazevoet.



Links to other interviews online:


The People’s Forum “Jazz & Self Determination” #5: Albert Ayler:

On Saturday, 13th July, 2019 - Albert Ayler’s 83rd birthday - an event was held at The People’s Forum in New York in the ‘Jazz & Self Determination’ series, organised by Ras Moshe Burnett and featuring Steve Tintweiss and Joel Freedman. The full discussion is available on youtube.




Chantal d'Arcy interviewed by Philip Freriks: Ode to Gravity: Shandar Records (23 May, 1973)


Albert Ayler Birthday Broadcast 13 July, 1987 on WKCR:

         Interview with Milford Graves

         Interview with Don Cherry: History Talk     Spiritualism Talk

         Interview with Archie Shepp


Leonard Lopate’s interview with Bernard Stollman on WNYC 29 April, 2008.




Dan Warburton’s interview with Sunny Murray for the Paris Transatlantic magazine, 3 November, 2000.


Lars Movin’s interview with Torben Ulrich from Jazz Special (International Edition, 2003)


Marc Chaloin’s interview with Bill Folwell (12th May, 1998), edited by Pierre Crépon, from Point of Departure, March, 2019.


Pierre Crépon’s interview with Mutawaf Shaheed from The Wire, March, 2019.


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