Something Different!!!!!

My Name Is Albert Ayler


Swing Low Sweet Spiritual


Spiritual Unity

New York Eye And Ear Control

The Copenhagen Tapes


The Hilversum Session


Spirits Rejoice

Sonny’s Time Now

La Cave Live

At Slug’s Saloon

Live In Europe 1964-66

Stockholm, Berlin 1966

Lorrach/Paris 1966

Lost Performances

In Greenwich Village

Love Cry

New Grass

Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe

The Last Album

Live On The Riviera

Nuits De La Fondation Maeght


Holy Ghost


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Alternate Titles


1. Something Different!!!!!
including The First Recordings Vol. 2

The First Recordings Volumes 1 & 2

25/10/62 Stockholm

2. My Name Is Albert Ayler

Free Jazz

14/1/63 Copenhagen

3. Spirits

Witches & Devils

24/2/64 New York

4. Swing Low Sweet Spiritual
incl. Goin’ Home


24/2/64 New York

5. Prophecy
incl. Albert Smiles With Sunny and Bells & Prophecy Expanded Edition


14/6/64 New York

6. Spiritual Unity

Summertime To Spiritual Unity Revisited

10/7/64 New York

7. New York Eye And Ear Control


17/7/64 New York

8. The Copenhagen Tapes


3 and 10/9/64 Copenhagen

9. Ghosts

Vibrations, Mothers and Children

14/9/64 Copenhagen

10. The Hilversum Session
incl. European Radio Studio Recordings 1964


9/11/64 Hilversum, Netherlands

11. Bells


1/5/65 New York

12. Spirits Rejoice


23/9/65 New York

13. Sonny’s Time Now


?/11/65 New York

14. La Cave Live Cleveland 1966


16 and 17/4/66 Cleveland

15. At Slug’s Saloon

Truth Is Marching In, Black Revolt, In Memory Of Albert Ayler

1/5/66 New York

16. Live In Europe 1964 - 66
incl. Albert Ayler and The Berlin Concerts - 1966


3/9/64 Copenhagen
3/11/66 Berlin

17. Stockholm, Berlin 1966


3/11/66 Berlin
10/11/66 Stockholm

18. Lorrach/Paris 1966
incl. Jesus


7/11/66 Lorrach, Germany
13/11/66 Paris

19 Lost Performances 1966


4,5 or 6/11/66 Munich
8/11/66/ Rotterdam
9/11/66 Helsinki

20. More Lost Performances


16/11/62 Copenhagen
30/6/67 Newport, USA
21/7/67 New York

21. In Greenwich Village
incl. The Village Concerts,
Live In Greenwich Village: The Complete Impulse Recordings


28/3/65 New York
18/12/66 New York
26/2/67 New York

22. Love Cry


31/8/67 New York
13/2/68 New York

23. New Grass


5/9/68 New York

24. Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe


26 and 27/8/69 New York

25. The Last Album


26, 27 and 29/8/69 New York

26.  Live On The Riviera
incl. Albert Ayler Quintet 1970 - Live


25/7/70 St. Paul de Vence, France

27. Nuits De La Fondation Maeght


27/7/70 St. Paul de Vence, France

28. Revelations


 25 & 27/7/70 St. Paul de Vence, France

29. Holy Ghost
rare & unissued recordings (1962-70)
Revenant 9 CD box set.


30/6/62 Helsinki
16/11/62 Copenhagen
14/6/64 New York
3/9/64 Copenhagen
?/2/66 New York
16 and 17/4/66 Cleveland
3/11/66 Berlin
8/11/66 Rotterdam
30/6/67 Newport, USA
21/7/67 New York
21/1/68 New York
?/8/68 New York
11/1/69 New York
28/7/70 St. Paul de Vence, France




Complete List



Unreleased Recordings



Albert Ayler Sessionography



Donald Ayler Discography



What’s Available



Albert Ayler recorded his first album in 1962 and his last in 1970. His records were issued by a number of small, independent labels, several of which are no longer in existence. His only association with a major label, Impulse, produced 6 albums (2 released posthumously) which varied vastly in quality. After his death a number of new records were released, mostly live concert recordings.

One of my main reasons for constructing this site was to make some sense of Albert Ayler’s discography. Even the records released during his lifetime often appeared under different titles as the rights to the material drifted round the world. Since his death and with the advent of the CD and downloads, the situation has become even more confused.

The discography assigns a page to each recording, except in cases where it seemed sensible to group albums from the same source together. Of course there are some inconsistencies in this approach but hopefully my decisions will not be too confusing. Albums appear in the order in which they were recorded, rather than released, apart from the Revenant box set which (since it includes both the first and last known recordings) I've placed in the final spot. Occasionally I have dipped my toe in the murky waters of the mistitling of tracks, but in the main I've just listed what's on the sleeve, since I value my sanity.

The Complete List page gives the main details of every Ayler album released so far and is available to download as an .rtf file. There is also a page for the Unreleased Recordings - largely decimated in 2004 by the Revenant box set - and a What's Available page, which is just meant as a rough guide to what's currently in the catalogue.

The Sessionography is a fairly complete list, in chronological order, of all the known recording sessions of Albert Ayler (including those where the recordings have been lost). And there is also a Don Ayler discography and sessionography.

I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me to construct this discography, particularly Clive Buttle and George Scala, and of course Jeff Schwartz, whose biography of Ayler provided my original template. If you spot any omissions or can provide pictures of missing sleeves, please let me know.


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