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The Spirits Rejoice Session - photographs by Guy Kopelowicz


Where known I’ve credited the photographers but there are several whose origins are obscure. As ever, if anyone objects to the inclusion of their photos on the site then let me know and I’ll remove them. Also, if anyone can send me better scans of what I have, or any new photos then I’d be grateful.


There was a second photographer at the Spirits Rejoice session at Judson Hall, the legendary W. Eugene Smith. He appears on some of Guy Kopelowicz’s photos and some of his own photographs of the session are available online at the University of Arizona’s Center for Creative Photography.

The Jan Persson Jazz Collection has 14 photos of Albert Ayler: 3 from Copenhagen’s Jazzhouse Montmartre in 1962, 4 from a Copenhagen TV studio in 1962 (presumably the Cecil Taylor broadcast), and 7 from the Copenhagen concert of the 1966 European tour. (The 1962 photos are also available on the Photographers Direct website.)

Photos of Albert Ayler at the 1966 Paris concert and his final French concerts at the Fondation Maeght are available on the Philippe Gras site.

A large number of photos taken by Nico van der Stam  at the 1966 concert at De Doelen, Rotterdam are available on the  Amsterdam City Archive site. The relevant files are as follows: 
No. 28 (‘Jazz In De Doelen: Albert Ayler Quintet, Sonny Rollins Freddie Hubbard, Max Roach, De Doelen Rotterdam 08-11-1966’).
No. 50 (‘Albert Ayler Quintet, Michael Samson, De Doelen Rotterdam 08-11-1966’).
No. 32 (‘Sonny Rollins Trio Jazz In De Doelen Rotterdam 08-11-1966’) - the first sheet has a few Ayler shots (some upside down), the second one is mainly the Ayler group.
No. 92 (‘Jazz van de Doelen : Max Roach Quintet, De Doelen Rotterdam 08-11-1966’).

The Frank Kofsky archive at the University of California, Santa Cruz, has several photos of Albert Ayler in concert at the WHK Auditorium in Cleveland on February 4th 1967.

Three photos of Albert, taken in Brooklyn in 1969, are available on Elliott Landy’s website.

Several photos from the Paris 1966 concert and a lot more from the Fondation Maeght are available on the website of the photographer, Horace.

And there are 19 images of Albert Ayler by various photographers (including David Redfern and Jan Persson) at
Getty Images.

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