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Lorrach/Paris 1966


[LP cover of hatMUSICS 3500
Click image for large version.]


[CD cover of hatART 6039]


[Cover of Org Music Record
Store Day 2023 release.
Click image fore large version.]


[LP cover of hatART 2009
Click image for large version.]


[CD cover of hatOLOGY 573]




[LP cover of Jazz Galore 1002
Click image for large version.]


[Cover of  ezz-thetics 2-1117.
Click image for large version.]




1. Bells (13:10)

2. Jesus (6:50)

3. Our Prayer (6:00)

4. Spirits (3:05)

5. Holy Ghost (11:00)

6. Ghost (1st Variation) (7:35)

7. Ghost (4:25)

8. Holy Family (10:40)

(Tracks 2 and 3 by Donald Ayler. The rest by Albert Ayler)



Albert Ayler (tenor saxophone)

Donald Ayler (trumpet)

Michel Samson (violin)

Bill Folwell (bass)

Beaver Harris (drums)


Recording Details

Tracks 1 to 5:

November 7, 1966

Lorrach, Germany

Tracks 6 to 8:

November 13, 1966

Paris Jazz Festival


Release Details

All tracks released as Lorrach/Paris 1966 on Hat HUT (Switzerland) HatMUSICS 3500 (rel. 1982), hatART 2009 (rel. 1985), CD6039. 2002 CD release: hatOLOGY 573. 2013 CD release: hatOLOGY 703.
HatART 2009 is a boxed set containing an LP of the Lorrach concert and a 12” EP (running at 45rpm) of the Paris concert.
2021 released with Stockholm, Berlin 1966 as Albert Ayler Quintet 1966: Berlin, Lörrach, Paris & Stockholm. Revisited on Hat Hut (Switzerland) ezz-thetics 2-1117.
2023 released with Stockholm, Berlin 1966 for Record Store Day as Europe 66,a vinyl box set of 4 LPs by Org Music (US).

Tracks 1 to 5 released as Jesus on Jazz Galore (Italy) 1002.

On Jesus the order of tracks is 3-4-5-1-2 and there is some variation in the titles. Track 3 is ‘Spirits Rejoice’, Track 4 is ‘Our Prayer’ and Track 5 is ‘Holy Ghosts’. In fact Track 3 begins as ‘Our Prayer’ then goes into ‘Spirits Rejoice’, Track 4 is ‘Ghosts’ and Track 5 is ‘Truth Is Marching In’. Track 2 (entitled ‘Jesus’ on all releases) is actually ‘Prophet’.

The track listing above is taken from the original LP boxed set, hatART 2009. The first CD release (hatArt 6039) has the following track list and timings:

1. Bells (13.18), 2. Jesus (6.51), 3. Our Prayer (6.06), 4. Spirits (3.12), 5. Holy Ghost (11.01), 6. Ghost (7.38), 7. Holy Family (10:49), 8. Ghost II (4.46).

And the 2002 CD release (hatOLOGY 573) has the following track list and timings:

1. Bells (13.30), 2. Prophet (7.00), 3. Our Prayer - Spirits Rejoice (6.25), 4. Ghosts (3.26), 5. Truth Is Marching In (11.24), 6. Ghosts (7.44), 7. Spiritual Rebirth - Light In Darkness - Infinite Spirit (11.06), 8. All - Our Prayer - Holy Family (4.45)

See also Dikko Faust’s analysis of the 1966 European Tour recordings.


From the sleevenotes

“One word about the tunes. After the Lorrach concert, Albert was too tired to identify them. For many hours, I’ve compared the pieces with dozens of other Ayler tunes. I hope I didn’t make any mistakes. Albert was very free in his disposal of his own (and other people’s) compositions. He really had a command over lots of music - his own and anyone else’s. His message is as much in the titles as in his playing. You even could combine the titles in order to get (part of) the Ayler message: “Bells for Jesus - Our Prayer to the Spirit and to the Holy Ghost!” All these tunes are what Don Cherry felt about Ayler’s “Ghosts”: They should become mankind’s National Anthem! In a way, they already are - unconsciously! That’s why it is so east to recognize them - and to get them mixed up.”

Joachim-Ernst Berendt (from the sleevenotes to hatART 2009)


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